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Which Wich Identifies The Right Franchisee Candidates by Using Franchise Navigator
By making the Navigator’s unique behavioral mapping assessment a part of its franchise development process, Which Wich is ensuring that it’s bringing franchisees on board who are the best possible fit for its specific system.

With more than 500 locations across the globe in 40 states and 10 countries, Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches has solidified its position as a leader in the sandwich segment of the booming restaurant franchising industry. But that doesn’t mean that the brand has any intention of slowing down—Which Wich is constantly looking to bring new franchisees into its system as a part of its ongoing initiative to break into and expand in key development markets. That’s why the brand’s franchise development team works together with Franchise Navigator behavioral mapping and assessment system.

For 20+ years, the Franchise Navigator has been bridging the gap between behavioral sciences and franchisee performance and selection. In order for franchise brands to be successful, they need to be attracting the right franchisee. And as the only scientific, proven and market-validated franchise recruitment, coaching and support tool, the Navigator does this by conducting an in-depth, benchmarking and data-mining process of the existing franchisees, managers and employees of a franchise system.  Then, using a company’s own internal measurements for success (KPI’s) the Navigator creates a distinctive profile of which candidates and employees are compared against.

“Behavioral science impacts everything we do in business and in our lives. That’s why it’s critical for brands to have a thorough understanding of how people act, think, make decisions and behave—those factors have the ability to determine whether or not a candidate will be a great fit for a specific brand,” said Craig Slavin, founder and president of Franchise Central. “The Franchise Navigator is an absolute game changer when it comes to pairing aspiring franchisees with the right brand. There isn’t another test, tool or survey out there that can achieve the success rates and results that our clients are experiencing.”

Which Wich is making the most out of the Navigator’s unique behavioral mapping assessment by building it right into their franchise development process. The brand introduces the tool to candidates right after they fill out their initial application, and then uses the Navigator as a way to further screen potential franchisees to determine who has the potential to be a top performer right off the bat.

According to Jeff Vickers, Which Wich’s senior vice president of development, the Navigator has been invaluable when seeing how different people behave. That’s why it’s a part of Which Wich’s every day franchisee qualification process across the brand’s entire system.

“When it comes to working with new franchisees, nothing is fool proof. But the Franchise Navigator provides a level of insight into the people that we’ll potentially be working with that can’t be matched,” Vickers said. “There are absolutely recognizable links between a person’s behavior and what that looks like once they’re operating within our system. By using the Franchise Navigator, we have a better idea right away as to whether or not those traits work well for the Which Wich brand.”

There’s no shortage of brands like Which Wich that are capitalizing on the unrivaled power behind the Franchise Navigator. With a long list of high profile clients including REGIS/Supercuts, Sears Hometown Stores and ARCPoint Labs, the Franchise Navigator is consistently helping major brands find the best possible franchisees for their specific systems. And because the tool’s system is based on behavioral sciences, it’s designed to make the franchisee selection process more efficient—and therefore profitable—for brands.

“The Franchise Navigator provides top tier insight into the people who are ultimately going to be the future of your brand. That’s the type of knowledge that you shouldn’t look away from—knowing the behavior that makes some franchisees more successful than others is an extremely valuable part of our development process. In fact, that’s where I’ve seen it make the biggest difference,” said Vickers. “The Navigator tool makes sure that your expectations for future franchisees are realistic. At the end of the day, it adds another strong layer to the development process that allows you to get to know your candidates on a more detailed level.”

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