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How Franchise Central’s ConnectMe Tool is Revolutionizing the Way Potential Business Owners Match with Franchise Opportunities
By completing a skills, values and behavioral-based assessment and behavioral mapping process, prospective franchise owners can determine if they have the right stuff to be a franchise owner and then which concepts are best suited to their unique profile.

For opportunity seekers looking to launch their own businesses by tapping into the benefits of a franchise system, finding the right concept to invest in can seem like a daunting task. From researching the ins and outs of hundreds of different brand’s models to determining whether or not a particular brand’s business ownership opportunity is a good fit – or not, there are a lot of factors at play when finding the best possible concept. That’s where ConnectMe To The Right Franchises, powered by Franchise Navigator, comes in.

Founded by franchising and behavioral sciences expert Craig Slavin, ConnectMe, owned by Franchise Central is one of the industry’s leading resources. Franchise Central boasts the only market-validated and customized behavioral mapping and assessment process in franchising: Franchise Navigator. Through its online profiling tool, Franchise Navigator quickly measures and identifies a person’s dominant and subordinate profiles based on four distinct Navigator profiles. By taking the Franchise Navigator survey (less than 10 minutes to complete), the platform has the power to determine the strengths, weaknesses and styles that discover whether not a candidate resembles the high performer for franchise brands.

Franchise companies, having access to their own Navigator information, are then able to ensure prospective candidates are a good fit for their system before they ever sign a franchise agreement.  The results of the Navigator have led to a vast bank of data that speaks to the inner workings of the franchising industry. Since launching the Navigator in 1998, the Navigator has assessed thousands and thousands of franchise owner’s from a lot of different franchise brands. That’s why Slavin decided to take that data to the next level by launching ConnectMe To The Right Franchises in 2011.

“After seeing the success of the Navigator, it became clear to me that this system could also be used for business owner candidates looking to find their ideal franchise system. By rebranding that system as ConnectMe, we’re now able to compare an aspiring business owners’ results to our database in order to match them with the best franchising opportunities for their profiles,” said Slavin.

Franchise Central’s ConnectMe tool works by leveraging all of the information that has been gathered by the Navigator. Each brand’s profile contains different results, from liquid capital requirements to the geographic regions in which a concept is desiring to expand in. When a prospective franchisee takes the survey, the brand’s back-end computer system compares their results to the highest performing franchise owners across all types of franchise concepts, and generates a unique list of business ownership opportunities that are tailored just for them.

But before providing that list, Slavin says ConnectMe takes a crucial step by determining if franchising is a good idea for a candidate in the first place.

“The first thing that we determine is whether or not someone has what it takes to thrive in the franchising industry. The last thing that people want to do is make a major investment in a business that they can’t be successful in. But if their Navigator profiles indicate that they’re going to be a great candidate, the 20+ year old science behind ConnectMe can really get to work,” said Slavin. “The one thing that we always tell people before they take our survey is to keep an open mind. ConnectMe may match them with franchise concepts that they’ve never heard before, but breaking outside of their boxes and comfort zones is a positive thing. Our individualized lists of franchise opportunity recommendations have been proven to find better matches for a wide variety of concepts across the country.”

Franchise Central’s business matching services don’t stop with ConnectMe’s survey. In order to help business owners narrow down their lists and find the one brand that speaks to them the most, the Navigator has a team of professionally trained and Navigator Certified franchise sales/coaches and Certified Life coaches who know the Navigator process inside and out and coach individuals in the transition from employment to empowerment. This tested process leads people to finding their dream business ownership opportunities, and brands being paired with candidates that show strong growth potential for their specific systems.

To date, ConnectMe has helped match hundreds of people with the right franchise concept. And with dozens of people accessing ConnectMe in the past few months alone, it’s clear that the tool is picking up speed.

“ConnectMe and Franchise Navigator is revolutionizing the way that people break into franchise ownership. ConnectMe is available to anyone, ultimately taking the stress out of the historically labor intensive and confusing selection process,” said Slavin. “The system just makes sense—by matching a candidate with a system’s existing high performers, we’re ultimately setting up brands and their franchisees for successful relationships down the line.”

For more information about ConnectMe, powered by Franchise Navigator, please visit www.franchisenavigator.com/connectme and get started.

For more information about how to become a Navigator Certified Franchise Sales professional email, info@franchisecentral.com or call 800.378.5924.